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We seek not rest but transformation.

We are dancing

through each other as doorways.

-Marge Piercy

Hi. I'm Karen.

Creative expression can transform your life.

You feel disconnected from your true self. You want to feel connected to something bigger. For your life to be more meaningful. You feel the energy of possibility calling to you but what does that mean? You know you want more.


You are a creative being. Yep, you are. Everyone is. we are all innately creative. This does not mean you need to be an artist. It does mean that you have powerful tools inside to help you find your purpose. And one of those tools is creative expression.


Even if you have felt disconnected from your creativity for quite some time, I promise you, it is still there, waiting to burst forth and take you to new places. Because when you connect with and ignite your creativity, anything can happen. 

Everyone - EVERYONE - is creative. Everyone can make meaningful art. Everyone can tap into their creativity and align their actions with their dreams, creating a life that feels nourishing and meaningful. 

You can build the life you want to live. You absolutely can. And you don't have to do it alone. 

When we work together, I bring my best tools to help you embrace creative expression as a tool to help you identify and reach your big goals and dreams, all while being your best you.

These tools might be art exercises to uncover your hidden, inner wisdom. They might be creative approaches to finding what it is your really want. They will always be supported by empathy, non-judgment, kindness, and support. 

Let's have a 30 minute free call and see if creativity coaching is right for you. 

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Creative Expression in Nature

I love to take my clients out into parks and natural settings to practice creative expression. Sometimes we make process art. Sometimes we sit and write beneath a tree. Other times we engage in creative activities that allow us to interact with our landscapes in a new way, deepening both our creative work and our relationship to the earth. 


Begin with these free resources
and start your own creative journey.

Dark Green and Yellow Orange Friendly Professional Real Estate Professional Cover Page (In

My short guide to help you create and stick to your own creative practice! A regular practice will have long lasting effects, and you don't need to go buy any fancy art supplies to get started. 

Copy of 5 Ways to Be Creative in Under 5 Minutes (Facebook Post).png

Five fun quick exercises to get you thinking creatively. Great to keep by your desk for those moments when you need some inspiration or energy.

I'm so glad to meet you. 

After guiding people in creative processes for over 20 years, I have combined the best parts of my experience and education to build my dream business of helping you connect with your creativity and build the life you want.

Why do I think connecting with your creativity is so important?

Personally, I have experienced the power of growth through creativity and art-making (remember, art is for everyone!). This process changed my life. Truly. My life has brightened and deepened through this work. I'm. happier and healthier and a better human being. And I want to share that goodness with you. 

Professionally, I have used art and creativity with communities and individuals for over 20 years and seen time and time again how powerful this work is in facilitating transformation. Personal growth, life changes, new pathways, increased confidence - it's all part of it.

Creative expression is a powerful tool for growth. It opens the door to inner voices and wisdom that you cannot access through intellect alone. It allows you to discover glorious hidden parts of yourself. It offers insight and answers that you already hold inside. 

Creativity teaches you about the world. When you nurture your creativity, you become open to all sorts of new ideas and perspectives. Creativity breaks down walls and sidelines judgment. It brings us together. 

Creative expression is a powerful tool for self-care. Expressing yourself creatively brings peace, lowers anxiety, and increases our happiness. And I promise, it's really fun! And don't we all want that?

Creativity helps you be your best self. It helps reenergize your passion for how you live your days. Exploring yourself through creativity brings a fullness, with color and texture and depth, to your view of the world. 

Creativity builds confidence. It's true! There's science to prove it!

Let's schedule a call to see the best way for us to work together. Or we can just talk about creativity! I love that too!


Work with Me


Working with a creative coach feels like having a good friend by your side to listen, guide, support, and yes, challenge when needed. Coaching is not therapy, but sometimes feelings arise that may surprise you. Sometimes we talk through a new obstacle, and sometimes we plan your next steps in a project. Often I ask you to do thoughtful or creative exercises to help provide clarity or build accountability. 

Work with me


Whether you are a group exploring friendship or a business team needing some new inspiration, my work with you will start with curiosity. Using creative and arts-based tools,  I will craft a uniquely tailored experience that brings insight, perspective and connection to your community. 

Join my

creative newsletter community

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Each week a newsletter hits your inbox with activities, research, inspiring stories, poems, and other information to get your creativity flowing. You will also be the first to hear about upcoming workshops and events. 

Starting September 1, I am gifting a 30-day Creativity Challenge just to my email community. 30 days of inspiration, prompts, and support to jumpstart your creativity. Join us! Yes I'd like to sign up!

​​"Karen is the best! She is so warm and makes everyone feel confident about themselves. She made our group feel very comfortable around each other and is an expert on every part of the training. She created a great environment during the training, and made it fun!"


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