What do you
yearn for?

Living creatively means choosing your own path. It means creating the life you want to live by embracing who you are at your core, and letting that perfect being become your guide. Living creatively means deciding how you want to feel every day and making that happen. 

Living creatively means being open to surprises in yourself and others. It means taking risks and trying new things. It means being intentional in choosing what serves you well in your life. 

Sometimes, living creatively means making art. Or taking a walk in nature or trying to sing your favorite song backwards. Sometimes it means sitting quietly in a favorite space or dancing to new music or keeping a daily art journal. And sometimes it means choosing work, relationships, hobbies, and goals that feed you, so that you can share your gifts with your community and the world

Living creatively is something you choose to do. You do not need to be born with any special talents or destinies. You just need to be willing to show up for yourself. Creatively.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.

― George Bernard Shaw

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I believe inside each of us is a creative being waiting to be recognized. We are not all born with the same privileges or rights or chances, but we all have the ability to make choices, however tiny, that will allow that creative voice to speak its mind.


You know the voice I'm talking about. The one that wants you to live the brilliant, authentic life you know you can. The one that pushes you to make art, or protest injustice. The one that tells you to take up calligraphy or move to a new country or start your own business. The one that sees all that is possible. 

I have worked hard to create the life I want. It took me a long time to trust my inner voice - to trust that I could make changes to my life that genuinely reflect who I am and how I want to feel. And to trust that those choices are not only good for me, but good for my family and community. 

When I was a young adult, I kept everything bold inside. I did not tell anyone that I yearned for more, although I could not have articulated what more meant. Maybe if I had talked to someone, confided my desires, I could have made bolder choices earlier. My life was just fine. I was fine. Everything was fine. 

And that may seem crazy, because on paper my life sounds pretty fun. 

Hi. I'm Karen.

Here's what I do:

I help women live creatively and openly by making bold, authentic choices that increase their self-understanding and quality of life. In a safe, encouraging space, I guide women in their journeys with compassion and clarity, ensuring they feel seen and supported every step of the way. I coach individuals, small groups, and offer workshops, all with kindness, empathy, and humor. 

 Together we will find clarity, purpose

and the creative life you want. 

Here are the ways we can work together:

Mentoring and Coaching

I work closely with you in a relationship defined by integrity and kindness. I will meet you where you are in your process whether you crave creativity in your life but don't know how to make that a reality or have a clear goal and need some support and guidance to finish your plan. 

I usually suggest six sessions as a starting point for larger projects and goals, but sometimes one or two meetings are all you need to get you on the right track. Sessions are 60 minutes in length, and can be chosen individually or in bundles. More info on all of this here: 

Let's talk!

I would love to figure out what living creatively means for you. I'm always happy to have a 20-minute complementary zoom consultation to answer any questions and talk a bit about where you are in your creative journey. You can schedule a chat by contacting me here: