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We seek not rest but transformation.

We are dancing

through each other as doorways.

-Marge Piercy

Hi. I'm Karen.

I am a creative coach, facilitator and guide who has been leading people in creative processes for over 20 years.

I use creativity and art-based tools to guide women and communities in self-reflection leading to clarity, renewed energy, and forward movement. 


Begin with these free resources
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My short guide to help you create and stick to your own creative practice! A regular practice will have long lasting effects, and you don't need to go buy any fancy art supplies to get started. 

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Five fun quick exercises to get you thinking creatively. Great to keep by your desk for those moments when you need some inspiration or energy.

I'm so glad to meet you. 

When I work with clients, I use the power of creative tools to help you deepen self-understanding, untangle complex problems, build cohesion, and increase your happiness and engagement with relationships, work, and life. 

I have helped artists find their groove, mothers explore their identities, educators focus their philosophies, teens discover their leadership skills, and numerous groups find common purpose and meaning as they conquer large projects. 

My core values are curiosity, empathy, and kindness. 

If you are ready to start your own creative process, I'm ready to meet you right where you are. 

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Work with Me


Working with a creative coach feels like having a good friend by your side to listen, guide, support, and yes, challenge when needed. Coaching is not therapy, but sometimes feelings arise that may surprise you. Sometimes we talk through a new obstacle, and sometimes we plan your next steps in a project. Often I ask you to do thoughtful or creative exercises to help provide clarity or build accountability. 

Work with me


Whether you are a group of women exploring friendship or a business team needing some new inspiration, my work with you will start with curiosity. Using creative and arts-based tools,  I will craft a uniquely tailored experience that brings insight, perspective and connection to your community. 

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