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About Karen

"The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."
My Story

Hi! I'm Karen.

I'm a
 curious experimenter.  A playful artist. I'm happiest when exploring something new, whether it be an unfamiliar art form or a new city. I love to cook, hate to do the dishes, am an introvert who thrives on deep connection (but goodness, do I need my alone time), and prefer anchovies to fruit. I live in my dream home in Brooklyn, NY with my kiddo, 3 cats, and sweet pandemic puppy. (There is a lot of fur floating around my house.) Ours may not be a neat and tidy home, but it is full of love and creative pursuits and unique thrift store finds. It's the perfect place for us.

My journey to Creativity Coaching started in earnest in 1997, when I moved to New Mexico. I was struggling to figure out who I really was. I was unhappy, untethered, and trying to fit myself into some version of who I thought adults were supposed to be. 

I call my years in New Mexico my "soul work" because I grew and shifted so deeply on the inside. It all started with finding an art therapist to work with. I wanted to shake things up. That experience, even though it ended up being temporary, led me to The Artist's Way, which led me to start my own creative practice. I started playing around with art and creativity in all sorts of different ways. I spent hours hiking the beautiful high desert. I gazed at the extraordinary New Mexico skies. I wrote in my journal, and had candlelit evenings with watercolors. 

And I changed. I healed. I went from feeling like I was always unsure, off-balance, and not enough, to recognizing gifts and beauty that I held inside. I found myself more open, less judgmental, and kinder. It all felt so good. There was openness and possibility and hope that I had not felt before. The four years I spent in New Mexico laid a foundation for how I wanted to live the rest of my life. I'm not saying it's been a straight path or simple journey to where I am now, but how I have navigated it has been so much healthier than before. 

Oh, how I wish I had had someone to help me in my younger years; to guide me to trust my inner voice and make bolder choices. To understand that creativity lives in every moment of my day, not just when I am writing or making theatre. And most importantly, to use creative tools to love and accept myself, faults and all. But now I get to offer that guidance to others so they won't feel so alone.

Cut to 26 years later, and here I am. A product of the work I now offer to others. I'm still growing, learning, and evolving (I hope that never changes), and I love sharing that with my clients. It's a magical thing, really, that I get to guide and witness others find the power and beauty of their creative selves.

My Bio

I am a Creativity Coach and Facilitator and founder of KS Creativity. Although I have over 25 years of experience working with people in the arts, nonprofits, and education, it was my firsthand experience of the power of creative expression that led me to my current work. I credit my creative practice and the healing it brings to helping me evolve from being stuck, lost, and disconnected, to the happy, fulfilled woman I am today. I now have a personal mission for everybody on the planet to embrace their innate creativity and watch it transform their lives.

I use art and creativity as I guide individuals and groups to find clarity, self-understanding, and to be happier humans. It's not magic, but it's a magical process that I share as widely as possible.

My work has taken me to schools, non-profits, community centers, arts organizations and foster-care facilities. I have used creativity to mentor and coach teens and adults, design professional development programs for teaching artists, build career-based arts internship programs, teach parenting to teenagers, train teachers to use arts-based learning in their classrooms, facilitate a multitude of workshops, and guide many small groups.

A life-long learner, I have an undergraduate degree in theatre, an MA in counseling, and an MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth. Currently I am a first year graduate student at the Expressive Arts Institute, where I am studying how to use all of the art forms to deepen my work with clients. My personal mission is for everybody to embrace their creativity and see how it can transform their lives and their relationships with themselves.
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