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Arts and Creative Industries Internships: Consulting

Do you have interns at your workplace? 


Congratulations. Internship programs are integral to creating the next generation of creative and critical thinkers in your industry. 

Each successful internship program is unique to its location. Some  organizations have one or two interns, while others have full cohorts entering each season. Thriving programs, however, do have aspects in common that allow hosting organizations and interns to grow and learn from one another. 

As an Internship Consultant I work with you to assess your current program and identify areas that shine, as well as those that present challenges. 

Working together, we will create a solid infrastructure for your program that allows your employees to offer their expertise while not being pulled from their own work in a detrimental way. 

Together we will look at:

Intern recruitment

Training your interns

Writing intern agreemetns/contracts

Pairing interns with mentors

Training mentors

Structuring an intern's journey


Would you like to build a program that adds talented minds to your team while nurturing tomorrow's creative and arts leaders? An internship program is a great way to do this? 

Image by Matt Flores

How Creative Consulting Works

I will work with you to identify areas where you would like to increase creativity in your organization and then build a personalized plan to meet your needs. Some businesses would like a quick assessment to ensure they are on the right track, while others ask for retooling from the ground up. I will work with you until you feel confident in the integration of new tools and framework we have designed together. 

The process begins with a conversation. From there I will do a formal assessment, including conversations with employees and observations of meetings and general workplace environment. I put this information together into a Creative Plan, which includes recommendations and timelines for implementing new strategies. I can work with you to move the plan from paper to action, or can let you take it from there. 


For a more targeted response to your organization's needs, I can facilitate meetings, retreats, or workshops, modeling and training your group to use creativity in a variety of ways. These options are perfect for:

  • Teambuilding

  • Learning new brainstorming strategies

  • Thinking about an issue from a variety of viewpoints

  • Bringing deeper awareness to issues

  • Allowing all voices in a room to be heard

If you know you would like to bring greater creativity to your organization, but are not sure what you need, reach out and let's have a conversation. 

A few minutes of creative time at the beginning of your workday can make a big difference in how you approach your work. Start your day with a short, fun exercise to open your mind to new possibilities. Sketch your coffee cup. Draw three geometric shapes and turn them into cartoon monsters. Write a one-paragraph story around the first word you see in the newspaper. Dance to your favorite music (you can do this in the bathroom if you need privacy!). Do this consistently and you will begin to see a more fluid response to work issues. And you'll be happier to boot!

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