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Collaging on Make-It Monday: Daily Creative, May 18, 2020

Welcome to Monday! We will begin each week with a "make it" activity to get your creativity flowing. Today we will be doing a collage, one of my favorite quick, creative activities. I am always surprised by my collages. No matter how I structure them, or what images I choose, I always see new elements when I come back to them later. Collages reveal subconscious aspects of our creativity, bringing to the surface new or different ways of thinking. And on top of that, they are really fun to make.

Let's get started. For today's collage, let's concentrate on Joy. You will need:


-Piece of paper or journal

-Glue or tape

1. Start by centering yourself. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel your feet on the floor, your hands in your lap. Hear the sounds around you.

2. Think of a memory or image or idea that brings you joy. Immerse yourself in your experience of that memory and try to feel the joy in your body.

3. Quickly flip through your magazines and find a few images that evoke that sense of joy within you. Maybe it's a color, or a place, or even a word. Don't think about this too hard. Choose what moves you. Take no more than 2 minutes to find three or four images.

4. Tear out your images. They do not need to be perfect for this exercise. If you are resisting the torn edges of your images, be curious about your resistance.

5. Arrange them in some way on your paper - take about a minute or two to do this - and then glue them down.

6. Spend some time looking at your completed collage. What do you see? Colors? Shapes? Patterns? How do you feel when you look at it? What words or phrases come to mind when you observe it?

7. Go back to your collage several times during the day. Do you see anything new? Turn it upside down and sideways. Notice your feelings and observations.

Have a great day. See you tomorrow!

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