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Daily Creative April 16, 2020: Make some space with Word Ladder

Welcome to the first Daily Creative. Hurrah! You're here!

Today's activity is designed to loosen the ole brain. We overload our brains even when we are not in the midst of a global pandemic as we balance work, family, money, home, relationships and self-care. An overloaded brain is a tight brain. For creativity to flourish, brains need space and air and light. A daily creative practice helps us open up and create space in our brains.

Before I get to the activity I want to offer this. Enter this practice with self-compassion. Be patient and kind with yourself. The first rule of this practice is that there are no rules. There is no right and wrong. You cannot do any of these exercises incorrectly. You cannot win, or be the best, or get a failing grade. These activities are designed to work your creative muscle, and as long as you are trying, you are doing it right. No one is judging you, so try not to judge yourself.

Okay. Grab a pen or pencil and a piece of paper. If you keep a journal, you can use that. Find a quiet place to sit. For a moment, just sit and breathe. Try to clear your mind. A great way to do that is to notice your body. Notice your feet on the floor, your hands in your lap. Notice if muscles are tensed. Find the coldest part of your body and the warmest part of your body. Just notice.

Now write the word "Begin" at the top of your page. Under it write the first word that comes to mind. No judgment here- your word may not make sense to you but that's okay. There is no right or wrong. Under the second word write the next word that comes to mind. And so on. Do this for five minutes without stopping. Remember, the first word, no matter what. You may react to some of your words - feel icky or unsure. If so, bravo! You are letting your mind play and loosening your control over your every thought.

When your five minutes are up, take a breath and check in with your body and mind. How do you feel? Any different? The same? If you keep a journal, you might want to write for a few minutes about your experience and how your mind and body feel now.

And that's it for today. Congratulations! You started a creative practice. Pat yourself on your back and I will see you tomorrow.

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