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Daily Creative April 23, 2020: Music as Inspiration

All you need today is paper, pencil, and some beautiful music. I encourage you to find a genre of music you do not often listen to. If you are a pop person, choose classical. If you listen to jazz, choose rap. Find something that is new to you and be open to what it offers. Now get your journal or paper, and a pencil or pen.

Before you turn on the music, take a few deep, slow breaths to center and calm your body. Feel your feet on the floor. Notice your hands on your lap. Now turn on your music and just listen for a few seconds. Let the music swirl around you. Pick up your pen and begin to draw. Let the music guide you. You can doodle, draw a figure, or do whatever feels right to you. Let the music guide your hand movements as best you can. This might feel awkward if you are new to this type of activity, but keep going and be gentle with yourself. No judgments, no way to do this incorrectly.

When you are finished, spend some time looking at your drawing and notice what you see. Shapes? Figures? Heavy or light marks? If you have time, grab a journal and write for 5 more minutes about your experience with this exercise. Jot down how you felt, and what you noticed about your drawing. Or anything else that comes to mind.

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