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Daily Creative April 24, 2020: Don't Forget to Move

This is a reminder to all of us that creativity does not only live in our brains and hearts but in our whole bodies. While it is important to loosen the brain, it is also important to loosen rest of the body, as you are able, as well. We hold stress in all sorts of places in our bodies. Tight bodies mean limited space for creativity to breathe. And space and breath are integral to flourishing creativity.

As you build your daily creative practice, remember to include your whole body if that is something you are able to do. For today's Daily Creative we are going back to music. Choose something that feels good. Find 5 minutes of great music and move your body to it. If you feel self-conscious around your roommates or family then grab some headphones and sequester yourself in a bedroom. Or even a bathroom. Somewhere you can move freely. Start your music and let your body follow the rhythms, the feelings, the messages the sounds share with you.

If this feels weird, or uncomfortable, that's totally normal and a great message to yourself that this may be something to work on. If this is particularly hard, I suggest you repeat this activity every day for a week and see what feels different. Remember, you can't do this wrong. Be kind and compassionate with yourself and congratulate yourself for continuing to work on your daily creative practice. And have fun!!

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