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Daily Creative April 27, 2020: Everyday Sculpture

Hello and welcome back after the weekend. Was it a weekend? In our house the days are eerily all the same right now, punctuated only by my kiddo's school schedule. How are you all doing? Are you able to keep up with your daily creative practice?

One hallmark of creative thinking is to see problems or situations from new perspectives. Sometimes when we are stuck we ask others for input, knowing that a "fresh set of eyes" might illuminate new approaches. But what if our own eyes could be "fresh?" Consistent practice will help you build the creative muscle open up new pathways through work and life challenges. And today's activity specifically helps build that muscle.

Gather 5-6 items from around your house. Don't think too much about what you choose, just grab what catches your eye. Bring your items to a clear space on a table or the floor. Now make a sculpture. Arrange these items together in a way that feels new or pleasing. They can touch, or be separate, be tall or wide. If you can, take a picture of what you have done, and each day this week, rearrange the items to create something new. At the end of the week look at your all your pictures and see what story they tell you. And remember, as always, there is no right or wrong way to do this. You are doing it just right.

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