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Daily Creative April 28, 2020: Creative Senses

These days I find myself running through a long list of emotions almost daily. The mood swings are unsettling, but everything is unsettling during a pandemic, I suppose. I can go from terror to love to frustration to joy in the course of a few minutes. When the feelings overwhelm and I feel stuck, I try my best to slow down and experience each one individually. When I am caught up in the whirlwind of emotions, I cannot find any sort of creativity in myself. But when I slow down and take the time to experience each individual feeling, fluidity returns and I can breathe again. I invite you to slow down and experience one of your prevalent emotions today.

For today's creative activity, grab a paper and pen. Before you begin, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths (I know everyone tells you to take deep breaths, but it is for a good reason. They truly slow down your nervous system so you can get back into your body). Think about what feelings you have been experiencing during this lock down. Choose one that feels big for you right now.

Open your eyes and write the emotion you have chosen at the top of the paper. Then write: (this emotion) feels like.... Below that, write: (this emotion) sounds like.... Below that do the same with tastes, smells, and looks like. Take your time with this and really think about how this emotion lives in your environment when you are experiencing its power. Remember, there are no wrong or right ways to do this. You might choose joy, or fear, or frustration, or peace. Do what feels right for you.

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