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Daily Creative April 30, 2020: Hand Yourself Five Minutes

How are you doing with your creative practice? Are you being consistent? Wherever you are in your journey, you are doing really well. Keep going.

Someone asked me recently why I keep the Daily Creative to five minutes or less. I have two answers to that question. First, five minutes is achievable. Adding a new practice to an already busy day might feel daunting, especially if the practice is a lengthy one. But five minutes? We can all find five minutes to do something that not only feeds our creativity, but also increases our happiness. Five minutes is achievable. It is within reach. It sets you up for success.

Second, using your mind quickly, without having much time to think, helps you to tap into intuition. It is so easy to overthink; to worry about what to write, or draw, or create. The work you are doing in the Daily Creative is not about a finished product. It is about the process. It is about building the capacity to use creativity in all aspects of your life. It is about adding a layer of wellness, and productivity, and innovation to everything you do. These short exercises, while fun, are a means to a greater end.

However, If you are inspired by these activities to delve deeper into a creative genre, by all means, jump in with both feet. Follow your instincts and feed your creative soul. Take a painting class. Learn to sew a quilt. Make huge collages. Write a short story. Doodle for hours.

For today's Daily Creative grab a pencil and paper, some tape or glue, and a magazine or two that you can rip image out of. Place your hand on the paper and trace it. Now take 1-2 minutes to leaf through the magazine finding words or images that speak to you today. Don't think too much - just grab what strikes you. When you have a few pictures or words torn out of the magazine, use them to create a collage within the lines of your drawn hand. Take 1 minute or so to arrange the pictures, then glue them to the paper. Step back from what you have done and notice what you see. Are there more words or images? What colors or shapes do you see? What would you title this quick collage? How do you feel when you look at your piece?

Thanks again for showing up today and taking 5 minutes to nurture your creativity. See you tomorrow!

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