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Daily Creative May 11, 2020: Monday Creative

Welcome back to the Daily Creative! Glad you are here! Each day you will find a new creative activity you can use to build a daily creative practice. If you find some exercises you love, you can do those more often. The key, as with any practice, is to be consistent. Your continued practice will increase your creative abilities and even make you happier!

For today's Daily Creative, find a magazine and spend no more than one minute leafing through. Find an image that calls to you. Any image. Rip or cut it out of the magazine and tape or glue it to a piece of paper, or in your journal. Grab a pen, or markers, and add to the image in any way you would like. Take three minutes to finish your drawing.

When you are done. notice what you have drawn. Turn it sideways or upside down for a different perspective. See what you see.

Give your image a title. And congratulate yourself for doing another day of your creative practice. See you tomorrow!

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