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Daily Creative May 15, 2020: Five Minutes With Your Window to Build Creativity

Here in New York, spring is beginning to meld into even warmer temperatures, signalling the return of summer. The scent on the breeze through my window carries subtle fragrance from flowering trees across the street. I turn towards the window, away from my computer, to drink in the world that feels elusive these days. I find a moment of calm, and I fill up on the respite my window provides.

For today's Daily Creative, bring paper and something to draw with to your window. Take a minute to take in what is there: the sights, smells, sounds. Then draw what you see and what you experience. Draw what is there and then add details that reflect what cannot be seen with the eye. How can you capture the scent or sounds? Be realistic, be abstract, don't overthink it. Stay under the five-minute time frame, and remember, there is no way to do this correctly or incorrectly. Just draw what you experience.

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