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Daily Creative May 5, 2020: Creative Global Intimacy

I have spent the last couple of Tuesdays in creative facilitation workshops on Zoom (with a phenomenal group called PYE - Partners for Youth Empowerment. Check them out!). This pandemic has everyone pivoting to new ways of doing work, and these workshops

are no exception. Over 250 people participate each time, from all around the world. I expected to have fun in these sessions, but I did not expect to feel so connected to a global community. In these workshops I have worked in small groups with folks from Poland, South Africa, Portland, British Columbia, Kenya, Texas, Barcelona... and the list goes on. Together we have laughed, danced, drawn, risked, and shared creative space in an intimate and personal way.

I feel connected to people in my city too. Every day at 7pm I lean out my window and shout and bang pots in gratitude for all those on the front lines of this crisis. All across the city people whoop and clap together. We do not know one another, but we join together in this nightly ritual to say that we have hope, and are alive, and know this will get better.

For today's Daily Creative, think connection. If you can, find something happening on Zoom or another platform that lets you be creative in the company of others. There are so many events right now around cooking, literary events, plays, and concerts. Sit in that space and know you are sharing a creative moment with people from all around the globe - people who are also feeling the effects of the pandemic and looking for creative camaraderie.

Another option is to do 5 minutes of writing. Set a timer and write without stopping about a gathering/event/party you would like to be part of when this is all over. You might write about the dinner party you will throw, or maybe an event with all the famous people you would like to meet. The sky is the limit. As always, there is no wrong or right way to do this - only your way.

Be creative, be connected, have hope. We will get through this.

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