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Daily Creative May 7, 2020: Why Creative Boundaries Help

There are few things more daunting than a blank page or canvas at the beginning of a new project. What to write? What to paint? What to make? While "the sky's the limit" is an exciting thought, it can also be paralyzing in its endless possibility. Creating a framework for your creativity can help spur greater innovative thinking. Boundaries give the brain some information with which to move forward.

Today's Daily Creative is to write a poem around one word. I will give you a word, but feel free to choose something different. I'm going to add one more frame for you- write it as a haiku. That's 5-7-5. Five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, then five again in the third. Have fun! My daughter and I write haiku when we are stuck somewhere and bored. We take turns choosing themes and then write.

I will offer the word "today." But again, choose something else that moves you if you would like. See how haiku you can write in 5 minutes, then choose your favorite and put it somewhere you can see it during the day to remind you of the creative journey you are on.

The breeze strokes my arm

Gently through my wide window

I feel hope today

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