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Drawing Thursday Daily Creative: May 21, 2020

No matter where you live you are being affected by this global pandemic. Here in New York City the daily reports have been dramatic and difficult. I live near a major hospital and have listened to the uptick and now, finally, the slow decrease of sirens wailing on my street. I am tired of being home, of navigating zoom for my work and my daughter's school. Desperate to go out and experience some normalcy, I know I need to stay home for the sake of the medical workers and immune-compromised in my community.

However, when I think about what I will do when the outside becomes more accessible, I am filled with ideas and possibilities. Visit my cousin? Take my daughter to a restaurant? Browse every bookstore in the city?

For today's Daily Creative, imagine what you will be most excited for when life looks a bit more normal.

  1. Grab a pen or pencil and some paper or a journal.

  2. Draw for five minutes what you will do when life is more normal. Don't worry about creating a masterpiece - remember the meat is in the doing. As you draw, let your mind open up to details. Details of clothing, a street, the sky, a store, your friend. Draw as much as you can in your five minutes maintaining self-compassion.

  3. When you are done, put this drawing in a place you can see it as a reminder that we will get through this. Together, apart.

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