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Drawing You: Quick Daily Creative

Who are you? No I mean really. Who are you? Are you who you see in the mirror? Your actions in the world? What is in your heart? How you connect with and treat others? And what does your answer look like? Is it a photographic image of your face? Or is there a symbol or shape or series of images that represents your true self?

Today, take a stab at drawing a self-portrait, and see what comes up. Draw what feels right, whether you sketch your face or draw something more abstract. Trust that you will be tapping into your creative energy, and trust too that you might learn from what you see.

  1. Grab a pencil or pen and a piece of paper or page in your journal.

  2. Close your eyes and think about the question, "Who are you?"

  3. Whatever comes to mind, draw it quickly. You can open your eyes to see the paper, or even try sketching with eyes closed.

  4. Remember, the act is in the doing. There is no wrong or right, good or bad. Accept what comes out of this and be curious about it instead of judgmental.

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