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Make an Inspiration Pile

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

I love sitting at my desk. That may sound like a weird thing to say, especially if you equate desks with boring or unpleasant tasks. For me, my desk is a place of solace, of inspiration, of contemplation, and of creation. My daughter and I do not have a ton of space in our NYC apartment, so I have had to carve out a corner of my living room for

my work space. And it's glorious. To my left is my window to the city. When I need a moment away from my thinking, I turn to the window and watch the daily drama of the street below unfold. The window faces south, and the light streaming in brings me energy and happiness. My desk is small, and is actually a wooden table from Mexico I have had forever. It makes me happy. And on it I have my inspiration pile.

My inspiration pile is a stack of items that offer creative sparks or bring me joy. My pile is primarily comprised of books about creativity. Some are filled with photographs that fill my soul. Others have crazy colors that feed me. Some contain words that move me forward and inward and outward when I read them. I also have a small canvas bag, decorated by my daughter, filled with my markers. I have an art journal, and a box I made my father when I was a child that I reclaimed after his death.

There are other things on my desk too, but my inspiration pile is what breathes life into my space, and into my day. When I feel stuck, or my energy is low, or I feel like I can't do any more, I will pick up something from my pile and use it. Peruse photographs, read a chapter (or even a paragraph or just a sentence), doodle. I get a quick jolt of energy from these moments, and usually some new ideas too.

For today's activity, make an inspiration pile for yourself. If you have a desk or work area, I encourage you to make your pile there. Or you can put it on your kitchen table. Or your nightstand. Wherever you need some inspiration. Think about what feels right- what makes you happy or inspired. For you it may be a toy or a photograph or a piece of pottery. Take time to play with your pile - use your five minutes (or more!) today, then check back over the next few days to see what feels good. The let the inspiration spring forth!

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