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Make it Monday: Design a Brand New Letter

My guess is you know your alphabet pretty well. You can write upper and lower case letters, and (hopefully) cursive too. You know them so well they are ingrained in you. Like how you put your socks on in the morning or pet the dog as you leave the house each day.

What if you were suddenly shown a new letter of the alphabet? One that would change the spelling of some words and create totally new ones. How would that shift your relationship to reading and writing?

Your Daily Creative activity today is to create a 27th letter of the alphabet. Have fun with this one and remember, no way to do it right or wrong.

  1. Paper or journal and pen/pencil are your tools here.

  2. Go to it. Design a new letter of the alphabet.

  3. Think about what it sounds like or how you would use it. Does it help spell words we already have? Or help you create new words? Does it have more than one sound? How does it change when paired with another letter?

Leave your results below or comment on our facebook or instagram pages. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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