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Make-it Monday: Use What You've Got

Creativity does not require fancy art supplies. I mean, art supplies are fun (Really fun. As are art supply stores. The hours I could spend wandering amongst paints and pastels and canvases and sketchbooks and easels and fancy paper... but I digress.).

Today's activity asks you to make a vehicle. A mode of transportation. The details are up to you - it can be as realistic as a car or as fantastical as a flying boat copter. Using only what you have around you, you will be amazed at what might emerge from your fertile mind.

  1. Remember, this is a five minute exercise, so skip any fancy blueprints you are itching to draw.

  2. Gather materials from around your house, and create a vehicle of your choice.

  3. Don't forget details. Do you need headlights? Doors? A propellor? Bumper stickers?

  4. Remember this is a five minute exercise, but if you are really having fun, then by all means, take longer.

  5. If you feel like it, I'd love to see some of your creations. Paste here, or on our facebook page so we can revel in your creativity!

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