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Move! Wake it Up Wednesday: Daily Creative, May 20, 2020

When you are stuck and needing help to sweep the cobwebs from your brain, one of the best things you can do is move your body. Walk! Dance! Shake! Crawl! Moving is always more fun to music, so make sure to have a few tunes at the ready to help motivate you.

Today you will need a song you love. And your body. That's it. You are going to make up

a dance to your song of choice. If this sounds hard, or scary, or embarrassing, you are not alone in your feelings. Moving and dancing is hard for many people, but finding some rhythm in your body can open your mind and increase your creativity. It's a great stress reliever too. Find a place alone if you need to (the bathroom always works) and try it. You can't do it wrong or right. There is no bad or good. There is only the doing. And if you are feeling discomfort, that's a clue that this is an area of your creativity that might need a little extra love. Take it slow, be kind, but don't give up!

1. Start your song.

2. Find a movement that feels good for the song. Then find another. Create a dance with at least five different movements, but you can do more if you like.

3. Do the dance as many times as you can during the five minutes. Shake that booty and feel the endorphins!

Hey! You just choreographed a dance! Congratulations! And remember, whenever you feel tight or stuck, or heavy, movement can loosen your mind and reveal all sort of new pathways.

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