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Move Your Body to Let Creativity Flow: Daily Creative Activity

It's Wake It Wednesday which means it's time to use your body creatively. Yay you for showing up here today. Don't give up now! Read on to open your body up to all kinds of creative possibilities.

Physical creative expression is hard for many people to embrace, yet it is one of the most powerful tools for accessing creative energy. We hold emotions in our bodies whether or not we are conscious of doing so. Think about how tense your shoulders get when you are stressed, or how your stomach feels queasy when you are nervous. When your body is tight, your mental and emotional range decreases. Possibilities become limited and your world becomes a tiny box. Anything physical that you do - stretching, walking, dancing, yoga, jumping jacks - will help to release these blocks in your body, paving the way for an energized, creative mind to thrive.

Today is make-a-picture-with-your-bodies day. It's a day to express ideas physically. Not only will this loosen any blocks you are holding in your muscles, it will allow you to see an idea in multiple dimensions. New physical expression=new creative pathways!

  1. Find a place you are comfortable moving your body. If this type of exercise feels hard, or embarrassing, don't give up. Find a place where you can be alone.

  2. Dare to try! Don't let any uncomfortable feelings prevent you from playing around with these ideas.

  3. First, just practice moving your body. Reach to the sky, fold your body to touch your toes. Reach wide with your arms. If you have limited body movement, do what you can to stretch your muscles.

  4. Now, practice making a picture with your body. Stay with me here - you got this! Make a frozen image of you brushing your teeth. Don't think about it much, just make a quick physical picture. Hold it for 3 seconds. Now make a picture of you taking something out of your oven. How does this feel? Silly? Uncomfortable? Fantastic? Notice if you are using just your arms and face to make the picture. As you move on, try to incorporate the rest of your body too. What are you knees doing? Shoulders? Hips? Use your whole body and play with levels if you can.

  5. In succession, holding each for three to five seconds, use your body to make pictures of the following. Again, don't think too much. When you read the prompt, take one to two seconds to find an image. It doesn't have to be perfect!

  6. Entering a surprise birthday thrown for you

  7. Stepping in a muddy puddle

  8. Finding a $10 bill on the ground

  9. Seeing an old love on the street

  10. Listening to the President make a speech

  11. Freedom

  12. Love

  13. Determination

  14. Oppression

  15. Stability

  16. Power

  17. Empathy

  18. Peace

What was it like to use your body in this way? Which pictures were the hardest or the easiest to make? How does your body feel? What emotions came up for you? What ideas?

Give yourself some appreciation for doing the whole exercise. Now go do something that requires creative thought and see if you notice any difference in how you approach your project.

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