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Snap in Colors on Take it Tuesday: Daily Creative, May 26, 2020

We are surrounded by rich hues of every color. Look around you, around your room. How many shades of brown, blue, purple, green do you see? You might notice a theme in these posts, but I can't stress enough how important it is to stop and notice all the vibrancy in your world. Take some time to step out of your busy mind and just notice the rainbow we live in.

For today's Daily Creative, on Take it Tuesday, you will be taking some pictures of everyday objects in your home, all of the same color. As you do this exercise, be as present as possible. Notice the shapes, hues, textures, sizes, weights of the items you choose. Your busy mind will wait for you, I promise.

  1. Choose a color to for your focus.

  2. Walk around your home and pick a number of items of your chosen color.

  3. Gather your items in one spot. This might be a table, or the floor, or your couch cushion. Try to find a background that shows off the items - something neutral, or a complementary color.

  4. Group your items in some way. They can be spread out on the surface, or touching. Try a few configurations to see what pleases you.

  5. Take several pictures, then switch your angle and take several more.

  6. Look at your pictures. What do you see? How do you feel seeing your color grouping? What would you title your picture?

If you would like to see some lovely photographs of color groupings, check out the book Conscious Creativity: look, connect, create by Philippa Stanton. So beautiful!

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