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Take it Tuesday Creative Activity: Reflective Doors to Creativity

We experience reflections in many ways. We see ourselves in a mirror, close but still slightly distorted. Or on the surface of a lake: familiar, but not completely recognizable. We see reflections of ourselves in our friends, children, colleagues, lovers. We reflect on our behaviors and beliefs by digging deep inside, uncovering old and hidden corners and edges. Reflections can be self-affirming, but they can also make us uncomfortable, confused, even distressed. They offer new ways of understanding ourselves and the world we live in. They open doors to creativity.

Today, play with reflections using your camera. You can use yourself as a subject (and I encourage you to do that with at least one of your photos) or items in your house.

  1. Find at least one reflective surface in your home. A mirror is great, but you can also play with glass, different metals, windows, water, or anything that give you a new perspective.

  2. Take at least ten pictures using one or more of the surfaces you chose. Take time to really look at each photo. What do you recognize, and what looks different? How are the things you see different? What shapes, shadows, colors, do you see?

  3. Choose three to five of your favorite pictures to keep. Title each of them, and see if you can find common elements that pull them into a group. What would you title the whole group of pictures?

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