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Take-It Tuesday - Shadow Photo Exercise: Daily Creative, May 19, 2020

Welcome to Photo Day! Luckily, this does not include an awkwardly-styled school photo that will forever celebrate your bowl-cut hair style from 4th grade. Today, you get to create a photo of your own.

You will need:

-A camera or phone with which to take pictures

1. Start to look around your home. Notice the furniture, knick-knacks on shelves, paintings on the wall.

2. Now look around and behind these items. What shadows can you see? How are they distorted or a true reflection of the item?

3. If you are having trouble finding shadows (this can be hard on a cloudy day or if little light comes through your windows) use lamps and overheads to shift the quality of the light and increase or sharpen shadows.

4. Take pictures of some shadows. Rearrange items to shift shadow shapes and take some more pictures. What stories do these pictures tell you?

Throughout the day, notice shadows around you. What stories do they tell about the items that create them?

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