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Women's creativity Groups

You know you want more out of your life. You dream about your future:  the possibilities, the yearnings, the magic you want to create. 

But you wait.


You put yourself second, or third, or last on your priority list, because that's just what you do. Your negative self-talk sends its daily barrage of garbage to your brain: You're too busy! You're not worth it! It's not the right time! What if you make the wrong choice? You don't really deserve to do what you yearn for! You'll get your time someday, but right now there are other priorities! You can't afford to do good things for yourself! 

And all the while, you get more and more tired and frustrated. Inside, you can feel the energy bubbling. You know there is more inside. More to be discovered, celebrated, brought into the light. You have dreams and hopes. 

If this sounds like you, my women's creativity groups might be just the thing you need right now. A safe, non-judgmental place to breathe. To discover. To uncover and celebrate all the parts of you that yearn to be in the light. 

This small (maximum of six members), online group for women is a six-month deep dive into your creative possibilities. 

Why six months?

My groups used to be much shorter. Eight, even six weeks. But it always felt like we were just barely getting started when it was time to wrap it up. I want these groups to be times of deep, lasting change. When you are with a small, supportive community for a long time, relationships form. Trust builds. You go beyond the surface shifts and get into the juicy stuff. You have time to try and reflect and grow and fail, all within a safe, nurturing space. And really, in the grand scheme of things, six months isn't that long. But it is long enough to make lasting change. 

What happens in women's creativity groups?

So, so much.


Schedule wise, we check in, catch up, explore something through art or creativity, and commit to try one new thing between each session. But it's much, much more than that. It's laughter, and listening, and nods of recognition, and cheering each other on, and the warmth that comes from forming lasting bonds. It's growth, and taking risks, and being supported, and questioning, and vulnerability. It's recognizing choices, and finding joy, and trying new things, and playing with color and words and shapes and ideas. 

And it's movement. Movement inside you, and in your life. 

What if I'm really different from the other women in my group?

Well first of all, I can guarantee you will be, because each person comes with a unique set of needs, and goals, and questions, and histories. You will learn to love and celebrate those differences. But I can also guarantee that you will find threads of connection with everyone there. It's impossible not to. 

And do know that I am very thoughtful with my group makeup. It's why I make sure I meet each person (on zoom) before signing them up. I work hard to create pods that will compliment each other. 

But I'm not an artist!

First of all, there is no art experience necessary in any of my work. When we do art or creative activities, we are using tools to wake up your hibernating parts and tell them that spring has come. We are learning to observe and notice and have conversations with ourselves in new and wonderful ways. We are learning to embrace our curiosity and empathy and sense of play.

Second, you are creative. Everyone is creative. Everyone. We are working to tap into your innate creativity so that you can use its power to live your life to the fullest. Also, art is for everyone. Period. And you never need to share your work outside of the group, or even inside the group if you don't want to. What we make is part of our process. It is part of growing and learning and trying. And it is only a small part of the process. There is a whole journey we take with our art pieces that lights up rooms of insight we didn't even know existed. It's all pretty magical. 

But is this really right for me?

Let's have a conversation where you ask questions and tell me your concerns and I can tell you more about the process and how I work and who I am. And I promise you, I never hard sell my offerings. Never. Our conversation will be just that, a conversation. My goal is to help you find the right path, whether it be working with me or doing something completely different. 

Each week we will gather together and:

  • Ground ourselves in the present

  • Connect with and support one another in our creative journeys

  • Engage in process-based art-making

  • Reflect and respond to our work with curiosity and openness

This group offers a place to:

  • Connect with your playful, creative spirit

  • Get support and guidance for your creative dreams

  • Uncover inner wisdom

  • Remember the joy creativity brings

  • Invite your inner artist to emerge

  • Integrate creativity into your life

  • Explore your creativity in a safe, inclusive space centering empathy, compassion, and kindness. 


New groups starting soon - reach out to get more information! Or join my email list to be the first to hear about upcoming groups and workshops. 

Past Workshops

Untitled (Instagram Post).png

Dip Your Toe Into Creativity

Join this workshop to take the first step towards activating your creativity!

Using introspection, simple activities, and gentle reflection, you will find a new connection to your inner creativity and will leave feeling more confident about your creative self. 

Visioning Mama.png

Visioning Mama

Join a small group of new mamas to explore what it means to be a mother through creativity and supportive conversation. 

New year workshop 2021.png

Walking into the New Year!

Join Karen and Sonya Feher in this mini-workshop. we will help you set clear intentions for this new year!

Visioning Mama 2.png

Visioning Mama 2

Part 2 of the Visioning Mama series with all new creative and art activities, and the same compassionate, supportive community. 

Creative Mama Workshop.png

Creative Mama: A Workshop Exploring Motherhood Through Creativity, Connection, and Compassion. 

This workshop will hold space for you to think about your role as mother through new perspectives and give you a chance to share and learn from other mothers and their struggles and celebrations.


The Power of Creative Practice: How Daily Creativity Can Increase Happiness, Confidence, and Productivity

Building Your Creative Life: An experiential workshop guiding participants to discover what they really want for their creative lives. 

Creativity and Self-Care: Taking the time for creativity is a strong addition to the self-care menu. 

Overcoming Blocks: Creative tools to help you move through blocks, challenges, and indecision. 

The 5-Minute Creative: You do have the time! Tips and tools to nurture creativity for even the busiest people. 

The Importance of Creative Learning: Why creativity needs to be at the center of education and learning from pre-k through adulthood.

Creativity in your Cubicle: How Creative Practice Can Bring Joy Back to Your Job

Using the Expressive Arts in Self-Reflection: Learn how reflection is deepened when using arts-based tools in a judgment-free environment. 

Image by Steve Johnson

Workshops are hands-on, inspiring, fun creative experiences tailored to meet your specific needs. You can also choose a subject from the list below. 


Creative groups start with curiosity.


Using creative and arts-based tools paired with empathy and support, each group experience explores a theme or identity, all with an eye towards self-exploration. Playful, thoughtful, and fun, groups are great ways to create community around a common interest, identity, or idea. Creative groups tend to last for at least six weeks.

Groups can be designed to meet your particular needs, or you can choose from some of these popular topics:

The Artist's Way - Based on Julia Cameron's seminal work, this course helps us find and release our inner creative selves through self-exploration, writing, and weekly discussions. 

Visioning Mama - Examining what motherhood means for a woman's identity through creativity and conversation

Women of a Creative Age - Women in mid-life using creativity to think through identity and next steps

Creative Peer Groups - Gathering once a week, a group of people with similar goals come together to think creatively about a topic or mutual interest.

Image by Shane Rounce
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